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Mariana Santelli

6 months ago


Dr. Pike is an amazing pediatric dentist and is terrific with her patients. She provides the highest quality care to all of her patients in a fun atmosphere. She provides personalized care and is very attentive to her patients needs. Dr. Pike's staff are warm, friendly, kind and caring. I highly recommend Pike Pediatric dentistry to anyone searching for a great pediatric dentist.




Raymonde Dormezil-Neal

6 months ago


We love Dr. Pike at Pike Pediatric Dentistry! Before going to see her, we took my daughter to two other dentists and she had a horrible experience and the dentists and staff were not patient and friendly. Because of that, my daughter has been afraid to go to the dentist. But, since we went to see Dr. Pike and her staff, they have been the most patient and understanding people. My daughter would scream and cry when she went to the office, but they took it very slowly in order for my daughter to feel comfortable there. After going to Dr. Pike's office, every month, in order to help her feel comfortable, we finally had a break through in January 2015! My daughter was able to get her complete x-rays and cleaning done in the session. I don't know any other dentist and staff that would be so patient and friendly. Also, Dr. Pike is so honest in explaining everything that she is doing and the options that we have in regards to my daughter's dental treatment.




Vanessa Swanner

5 months ago


The dentist could be a scary place! Doctor Pike is AMAZING!!!! She handles the little ones with ease! The entire staff is professional and pleasure to be around. My children adore this dentist office and love coming each and every check-up.




Lucy Boyar

7 months ago


Dr. Talia Pike and her staff were amazing. My daughter had three difficult teeth pulled and they did the job all while my daughter watched a movie.




Jennifer Kenney

10 months ago


Just had a great first appointment! The office was immaculate and the staff was really friendly!!




Jeffrey Osias

10 months ago

Great experience for my daughters first visit. Love the staff and the friendly office. Recommend highly.




Mara Freeman

12 months ago

Dr. Pike is phenomenal!!! We have a 2.5 year old daughter who is very afraid of brushing her teeth, but Dr. Pike takes such patience with her that it is always an easy visit. The staff is very warm and we would recommend Dr. Pike to all parents looking for the best in Pediatric Dentistry for their children!




Megan L.

12 months ago


Pike Pediatric Dentistry is a clean and a fun environment, and the staff is beyond professional! Everyone from the front desk staff to Dr. Pike herself is wonderful with children and great at explaining the essential benefits of oral health in a way kids can understand. I would recommend this office to anyone with children!




Tiffany Sbordone

12 months ago


We LOVE Pike Pediatric Dentistry! My 4 year old just had his first dental visit ever b/c of his general fear of anything medical and Dr. Pike gave him a full hour personal orientation. They played with instruments and puppets and eventually cleaned his teeth! I went in there thinking he would get acquainted and feel it out and then the next visit we would attempt a cleaning. Brody loved and trusted Dr. Pike immediately and let her clean every tooth! Dr. Pike is amazing and extremely patient and we could not be happier!




Oldine Saint Cyr

12 months ago


Dr. Pike is absolutely fantastic ! Absolute Spotless Clean Office! Amazing Faithful Service! Compassionate, Knowledgeable, On Time! The staff was friendly, imformative and very caring to my daughter who was nervous during her visit. Dr. Pike made a point of explaining everything to not only me, but to her patient! The office is super kid friendly, bright, colorful and welcoming.


The assistant was very sweet and made my daughter's cleaning fun! I'm so glad we found this dentist as pediatric dentists are rare in our area. A lot of the "family" dentist offices are not child friendly, the dentists aren't super patient, and I really found Dr. Pike and staff to be sincere and caring, gentle and super super likable! They did a fantastic job, and I'm glad I found my daughter's permanent dental home ! Thank you Dr. Pike and staff ! :)


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Jen Mac

1 month ago


I can't express how happy I am with the treatment my son received today. The staff and Dr. Pike

are amazing, patient and they do everything they can to make you and your child feel

comfortable and relaxed. I wouldn't consider another dentist for my son, this is the

only place to bring your little ones!




Arlene Jimenez

1 month ago


This is the best dentist place that you could take your child to. It is very child friendly with toys in

the reception area as well as child sized seats and shows playing in the rooms. The staff

is absolutely amazing, and so is Dr. Pike! Try them out, your child will love you for it.

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