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Here at Pike Pediatric Dentistry, we offer a variety of dental services. Of course our number one goal is education and prevention of decay. If treatment is recommended, we will assure the appointments are as comfortable as possible for your child.

We offer a variety of services for children:

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Teeth Whitening

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Common dental issues that affect children:

Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

It is very important to maintain the health of primary teeth (baby teeth). Cavities that are neglected can and frequently lead to problems which affect developing permanent teeth. Primary teeth are important for proper chewing and eating, providing space for the permanent teeth and guiding them into the correct position, and permitting normal development of the jaw bones and muscles.

Primary teeth also affect the development of speech and add to an attractive appearance. While the front 4 upper and lower teeth last until 6-7 years of age, the other teeth (canines and molars) are not replaced until 10-13 years of age.

What Is A Cavity ?

A cavity is when the enamel of the tooth breaks down due to bacteria left on the teeth. The bacteria thrive on foods and drinks containing carbohydrates. The bacteria release acids when exposed to these sugars and starches. If not removed daily, the acids destroy the enamel and a cavity forms.

We all have bacteria present in our mouths. They cannot be totally eliminated, but they can be reduced by daily flossing and proper brushing. Sugars and starches should be limited. It is not the amount of sugars and starches consumed, but the frequency. Children who snack and "graze" have a much higher incidence of decay than children who eat 3 meals a day with limited snacks.

What Is A Sealant?

A sealant is a material that is applied to the chewing surfaces (grooves) of the back teeth (premolars and molars), where cavities in children are commonly found. This sealant acts as a barrier to food, plaque and acid, thus protecting the decay-prone areas of the teeth.

What If My Child Is Nervous?

There are many methods to help children feel comfortable with dental treatment. Dr. Pike and her staff utilize the "Tell-Show-Do" technique which is very effective for children. Another technique that Dr. Pike uses is positive reinforcement, which is rewarding the child with compliments, praise, a hug or a prize.

All Children May Be Accompanied By A Parent*

Our primary goal is to deliver safe treatment for your child. Occasionally, a child may require more assertive forms of behavior management to protect the child from injuring themselves and to help the child get the quality dental care they need.

These management techniques include the use of voice control, distraction techniques, the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and protective stabilization. Beyond these techniques, a child with disruptive behavior may need dental treatment with sedation or treatment in a hospital.

We are members of and accredited by the following associations:

Florida Dental Association
Florida Academy of Pediatric Dentists
Southeastern Society of Pediatric Dentistry
Atlantic Coast District Dental Association
American Dental Association
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
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